Brand new chapter? Here are ways to win right now.

Professional sports are part of the experience of growing up and being raised in Boston. Because of my allegiances to my teams, I’ve been spoiled the last decade and a half with Super Bowl victories, World Series wins, an NBA championship, and a Stanley Cup. (But who’s counting?)

Starting and leading a ONE Campus chapter is a lot of like being a part of a team. You have to work together with like-minded students with different experiences and utilizing different skills to achieve your goals. Teams win. As a new chapter, the obstacles may seem huge compared to a chapter that’s been around for years, but every obstacle shouldn’t be viewed as a loss. I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of ways for your team to win right now.


My ONE Campus counterpart Maddy wrote a piece in January about 10 ways to generate 10 actions immediately. I’d like to offer what I think is the spiritual sequel to her piece by offering a handful of ways for your chapter to earn early victories that will set you up for long-term success.

Build leadership.

You’re inspired by ONE’s mission but this isn’t a one-person fight. You can’t do this alone. Go out there and start talking to your classmates and reach out to like-minded individuals. ONE started out as an organization made of people from all sides of the political spectrum and different walks of life. Why can’t you do the same? Start off small: Go out and have coffee or tea with three people this week, and invite them to take an action or come to your next meeting. Maybe after a couple of times together you can ask them to join your executive board!


Get on social.

This might not lead to generating actions, but you do want to build the brand of your ONE chapter. Creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account gives your chapter name recognition. It’s also a great way to provide updates to your members and soon-to-be action takers. Use any of the platforms at your disposal to your advantage — build buzz and momentum. Make sure to give your Representative, Senators, and of course ONE Campus a follow.

Need a bit of help? Check out this handy “How To” guide.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

You’ve read Maddy’s blog, you’ve got your first set of letters, and you’ve reported them. Now what? Complete what I call “the Advocacy Journey” by delivering them to your member of Congress’ district office. An in-person, in-district delivery makes the impact of your catalytic actions that much more effective.

A little nervous? Get in touch with your Campus Manager and they’ll guide you through all the necessary steps to make your delivery successful.


This is your city, too.

Are you close to Washington, DC? Why not plan a trip with your chapter to visit the nation’s capital?

Work with your Campus Manager on working through logistics.


Hopefully by the end of the semester you’ll have some impressive wins, so make sure you find the time to celebrate all the successes you’ve accomplished. Recognize and reward your members for all that they’ve done. Decisions by Congress can take a lot of time but you shouldn’t wait for them to celebrate your hard work.


Honestly, there are a lot of different ways to win and I tried to offer some insight that I give to Campus Leaders. Own this work and make this campaign your own. Look over the latest toolkit and map out potential victories. Your ONE Campus team is always here to help out and we can’t wait to see how you come out on top.

Ready to win? Get started with the latest toolkit here.