Join ONE Campus’ first-ever Summer Advocates program

The ONE Campus Summer Advocates program is built on the idea that advocacy and activism doesn’t have to stay on campus, nor does it have to be restricted to the academic calendar. This summer, ONE Campus is seeking leaders to organize in your individual communities and grow this movement wherever you may be.

Who are the Summer Advocates?

This eight-week volunteer program, which runs from June 25 – August 17, is designed for emerging student leaders and young activists who want to gain organizing skills and be part of an ongoing national network of college organizers taking action to fight extreme poverty in their hometowns, on their campuses, or wherever you might be this summer.

What are the benefits of being a Summer Advocate?

Advocates will be equipped with everything they need to be successful. ONE Campus staff will provide ongoing mentorship throughout the entire eight-week program, as well as free campaigning materials and the possibility of funding for event related costs!

At the end of the program participants will receive a certificate of completion, a new set of leadership skills, and the opportunity to continue their advocacy journey on their campus in the Fall!

What will I do as a Summer Advocate?

There will be three key parts of the Summer Advocates program: training, actions, and community.


Over the eight-week Summer Advocates will participate in three “Organizing and Advocacy Learning and Strategy” webinars.  These virtual trainings will be led by ONE staff and will cover key organizing principles such as developing campaign strategies, event planning, recruitment strategies, data and organizing, and effective recruitment!


The best learning comes from action, so you’ll put the training into practice over the course of the program. To make planning actions easier, ONE Campus has selected three actions all Summer Advocates will take over the course of the summer.

First, in July, Summer Advocates will plan a local tabling event at a farmers’ market, community event, or outdoor concert to gather letters of support around The BUILD Act! Second, Summer Advocates will be a part of a national coordinated effort to deliver BUILD Act letters and petitions to their members of Congress’ in-district offices.

Lastly, in August, Summer Advocates will plan a community recruitment event — such as a local barbecue or happy hour — to educate friends and family about ONE and volunteer opportunities. This opportunity gives Summer Advocates the chance to partner with local like-minded organizations to talk about the power of advocacy and how we can all work together to end global poverty!


Summer Advocates will join a community of emerging and existing student leaders and young activists ready to roll up their sleeves, stand up, speak out and take action to end extreme poverty. Summer Advocates that complete the program will also gain the opportunity to continue their advocacy and organizing activities on their campuses in the Fall. 

What are the expectations?

ONE Campus believes that good organizers set clear expectations and follow through on commitments. This program is open to the widest range of people of different backgrounds. If you can commit an average of four hours per week during the summer, can access a smartphone or computer with an internet connection, and want to organize events in your community that will make a difference, the ONE Campus Summer Advocates program is for you! Don’t miss out on this chance to be mentored by ONE Campus staff, gain valuable leadership skills, and play a role in the fight against extreme poverty!

Ready to make a difference this summer? Applications are due May 31, apply today to be a ONE Campus Summer Advocate!