How to use your phone like an activist

Let’s face it: These days, most of us may be spending a little too much time on our phones, mindlessly scrolling through social media—but ONE Campus is here to help. Here are six tips to turn your screen time into concrete actions for social good. ONE Campus wants to stress that using your phone as an activist tool is one more tool in your toolbox to create and fight for change.



Data tells us that personalized messages to your members of Congress are one of the most effective ways of influencing their decision. ONE Campus has been shouting this from the rooftops for years now for the simple reason that it’s a tried and true method. If you’ve never done it before – don’t fret! Calling your members of Congress shouldn’t be something to fear. Congress works for YOU and they need to hear from their constituents (especially young people like you) about what you care about and what your concerns are. Need pointers? Check out this handy “How-to Guide.” 



While calling your MOC’s is extremely efficient, tweeting is also an option – better yet, do both! Most, if not all, Senators and Representatives are on Twitter and their staff is monitoring who’s tweeting at them. Pro tip: Make sure to stay polite while communicating with your members of Congress – you’re much more likely to get your point across successfully if you stay respectful and understanding. As passionate advocates, it’s important to foster positive relationships with the members of Congress’ staff. Finally, sending a tweet is a great way to reach a member after work hours.



Social media is all about sharing your experiences with the world, whether through Snapchat videos, Instagram, or now 280 characters on Twitter (#blessed). Take the time to also share your passions and educate your followers on important social justice issues you care about. After all, the more people educated or advocating a cause, the better. Networking with other advocates not only helps your cause but also introduces you to like-minded people fighting for the same cause as you. #FriendshipGoals anyone?

Turn (RED)


Let’s start at the source: What if your phone itself was making a difference? That’s where (RED), ONE’s sister organization working to eradicate HIV/AIDS by engaging the private sector, steps in. Next time you’re shopping for a new iPhone, make sure to check out the (RED) line at Apple. Not only would you be getting the best-looking iPhone on the market, your purchase would be contributing to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. (RED) and their partners like Apple have contributed more than $465 million to the Global Fund.

Think Twice


It’s one thing to use your phone for social good today, but let’s not forget to walk the walk once the latest upgrade is out. If you’re not trading your phone in, think twice before tossing it in your junk drawer — or even worse, the trash. Whether your phone is broken or still functioning, there are smart options to make sure it doesn’t go to waste and any salvageable parts are put to use. A great option is sending an old phone to Second Wave, where they resell or recycle parts and then donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Talk about a win-win situation!


The Mobile Action Team is ONE’s way to get the most urgent actions to you via text message. Join the team by texting “CAMPUS” to 877-877. MAT texts are simple and the actions are easy. You will only receive a text for the most urgent matters, like an impending vote on the Congressional floor. As long as you have cell service, ONE will be able to be in touch with you with the opportunity to take action.

Place a call to your Senator and ask them to co-sponsor Senate Resolution 286 to support a bold pledge at the Global Partnership for Education conference in February. Dial 877-633-9308 to get connected NOW!