10 Times that “Parks and Recreation” got activism right

The Parks and Recreation Department from Pawnee, Indiana have taught fans a lot when it comes to well…life. From public space upkeep to running for office, the characters of this fan favorite don’t disappoint when it comes to making a difference in their community as a team. Here is a collection of quotes from the series that activists like you will definitely relate to.

1. When your ONE Campus chapter is writing to your member of Congress asking them to support ONE’s legislative priorities.

2. When it’s your first meeting of the semester and members want to do everything.

3. The talk you give yourself before walking into a member of Congress’ office on Lobby Day.

4. When you tell people why you’re passionate about ending extreme poverty.

5. When it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from your member of Congress about your most recent ask.

6. When you’re walking into your first lobbying meeting with your MOC.

7. When your newest e-board member comes in with tons of fresh ideas.

8. When you’re asking your friends to come and make calls at your next event.

9. When a bill you’ve been campaigning for months get signed into law.

10. When you’re looking back on all of the amazing work your chapter has accomplished over the past school year.

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