Hey Millennials – your Kickstarter page isn’t going to end AIDS

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I want to do something I love for the rest of my life while also making a difference. As a recent college graduate (i.e. “Millennial”), I frequently think about specific issues I care about and look for ways to get involved. According to the Millennial Impact Report (MIR), I’m […]

Why energy poverty is a global health issue?

A woman gives birth by paraffin lamp at the Bussi’s Health Center in Uganda. Photo credit: Jake Lyell/ Pathfinder International. In fact, more than 30 percent of clinics and hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa, serving approximately 255 million people, are without electricity. Here's six specific ways lack of electricity can affect patients, doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals. […]

8 tips to rock Campus Challenge 2

There's 3 weeks left for OCC Challenge # 2 –plenty of time for you to get your school's Senators to cosponsor the Energize Africa Act and help bring electricity access to 50 million people living in Sub-Saharan Africa. It's the last major step to getting this legislation passed, and your participation couldn't be more critical. Here's a […]

College students crush energy poverty–literally

ONE Campus members across the country are only one week into Challenge 2 of ONE Campus Challenge (OCC) Season 8, and they’re already kicking (or should I say hammering) some serious ass. Challenge 2 urges campuses to get their senators to co-sponsor and pass the Energize Africa Act this year, which would bring electricity access […]

Arizona, Carthage College, and University of Virginia win ONE Campus Challenge #1

Only three weeks into Season 8 of the ONE Campus Challenge, and ONE Campus chapters across the country have already kicked the school year off with an advocacy bang. For the past three weeks, ONE student members across the country campaigned to stop the biggest heist you’ve never heard of: The Trillion Dollar Scandal. ONE’s newest […]

Poverty is no laughing matter. So why are these guys so damn funny?

I could probably start this blog post with, “poverty is no laughing matter,” and that would get some head nods. Instead I’m gonna start this blog post with a joke:         What did the zero say to the eight?         Nice belt. OK, that joke is lame. I know […]

ONE Campus + Imagine Dragons

Have you noticed how much the media, corporate brands, and marketers have been talking about “Millennials” these days? We’ve been called everything from “The Narcissistic Generation” to “Generation Nice”. Well, maybe we’re just nicely narcissistic; did you ever think about that, Generation-Need-To-Categorize-And-Generalize-And-Label-80-Million-People? This guy gets it. Snark aside, identifying generational trends can serve a purpose. So let me point out a […]

How to start ONE Campus chapter in just 4 weeks

This is a guest blog post by Taylor Thompson, ONE Campus Leader of UNL.    Are you starting (or thinking about starting) a ONE chapter on your campus? Congratulations! It’s hard but fun work, and I bet you didn't know that you can actually do it in just four weeks. Here are the steps I followed […]

Poverty Has The Same Face

In high school, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa as part of international service trips that were offered to me. During these trips, I was struck by two things that I still carry with me.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem

Nick Evans is a ONE Campus Leader at the University of Iowa.   I've never considered myself an activist. I've never gone to a big protest with signs and chants, I've never "occupied" anything, and I've never gone to a far-away place to help a group of people and hopefully inspire the world. I'm just a […]

12 Inspiring films on social change you need to see

Films are great. They can capture your imagination and educate you about issues you might not know much about. But the best thing about films is that they tell you a story. Sometimes it can be hard to really understand what discrimination, poverty or suffering are like when it doesn’t affect you personally. The journey […]

Looking For A Good Read? We Have Some Suggestions.

We took a look at schools with ONE chapters to find out what their incoming freshmen will be reading and found some gems along the way!