ONE Campus takes on Warped Tour 2018

If you were ever a fan of Weezer or Panic at the Disco! you might have found yourself at Warped Tour, the iconic traveling music tour bringing rock fans together from all around North America. You might remember Warped Tour for its pop-punk classics accompanied by high-energy crowd surfing, but activism has always been a major component of this rock festival too. That’s why ONE Campus hopped on the opportunity to advocate for the BUILD Act, generate actions and let people know what ONE is all about this past summer!

ONE Campus Leaders Josephine and Nico, from Arizona State University and University of California, Los Angeles, volunteered at the Pomona, CA show. By the end of the day, the two had collected over 300 actions! ONE Campus interviewed Josephine to ask her about her experience with ONE and Warped Tour.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a ONE Campus Leader?

When I was at Arizona State studying political science I was recruited by a ONE Campus member. I went to a ONE seminar with different professors at ASU and they gave us a lecture on how to end world poverty. It was the first event that I went to and I remember thinking that not only was this something that I really wanted to be involved in, but that if everyone contributed to ending world poverty, then we can achieve it. After the seminar I became a ONE Campus co-leader with the individual who had introduced me to ONE. We started talking about ONE to my classes, friends and family and trying to get them to sign letters. Soon after I went to the Power Summit. The experience of going to Washington and talking to my Representatives made me want to become even more involved with ONE. When I got back an opportunity opened up for there to be a new Campus Leader at my school, which allowed me to become the Campus Leader in Spring 2017.

Q: How did you come to the opportunity to volunteer at Warped Tour? What was that experience like?

I had contacted my Campus Manager, Maddy, and we had spoken about trying to get me involved even more after the Power Summit. She said that Warped Tour was coming up and that I could volunteer at the Pomona date and, since I had previously volunteered at a U2 concert for ONE, I was all in. I was interested in the Warped Tour opportunity because it’s such a huge event with thousands of people walking around and, because of that, we were able to collect a couple hundred letters to Senators asking them to co-sponsor the BUILD Act. This was huge because not only did we get a lot of people to take actions, but we were able to expose people to what ONE is. Not only did some stop by our table and write a letter, but a lot of people said they would look into ONE online and take further actions there.

Warped Tour is for everybody ages 2 to 92, but it really targets a new, younger generation of voters so why not use this opportunity to talk about issues like extreme poverty and preventable diseases?

Q: How did your experience volunteering at Warped Tour compare to tabling on campus as a ONE chapter?

There’s so much going on around campus with clubs and everything, sometimes it can be overwhelming for students because they’re in the middle of focusing on school. So it can be a little more difficult tabling at school. There was a point where I was one of the only ONE members available on campus so I would recruit my friends or even my sister to table with me. At Warped Tour, it was different because even though people are there to listen to music, people will walk past you and stop at your table because you can still hear the music away from the stage and more people have time to listen.

Q: Do you have any advice for fellow Campus Leaders?

After Warped Tour I definitely noticed things that I could improve on campus. One thing is having something big on your table to catch people’s attention. Stickers and things like that can help to, but I think it’s really about engaging people. It helped having a partner like Nico too! He could stay at the table while I would step out and ask people “Hey, do you want to help end world poverty?” or “Do you want to talk to your Senator? Come write a letter!”

Another thing I would say is to set up tabling days around events happening on campus. So look into the university calendar and set up around days where you know that a lot of people are going to be on campus, like welcome back to school events. A really important thing is also to be very knowledgeable about what you are asking people to do so that you can give people a quick pitch. You have to master a 10-second pitch for why they should take this action because some people don’t even have 30 seconds.

If Josephine inspires you as much as she inspires ONE, then join the movement and start a chapter at your university today!