ONE Campus Campaign Recap: Poverty is Sexist

For the last two months, ONE Campus chapters from across the country campaigned hard to show that #PovertyIsSexist and #GirlsCount. The first Campaign of the spring semester came to a climactic end last week on International Women’s Day with the biggest international day of action in ONE’s history as ONE members urged their U.S. representatives and senators to support education for the 130 million girls around the world not in school.

Here’s a snapshot of what ONE Campus chapters accomplished during this campaign:

  • Wrote 796 letters to Congress
  • Delivered ONE’s Poverty is Sexist petition and handwritten letters to the local offices of 40 senators and representatives
  • Hosted 19 events to teach their peers about the importance of girls’ education and mobilize them to action
  • Got 3 university presidents and 49 academic faculty members to sign ONE’s Poverty is Sexist letter
  • 79 ONE Campus members came to Washington for the 2017 Power Summit and lobbied their senators and representatives on Capitol Hill in support of the international affairs budget and girls’ education

Thank you to all ONE Campus members who participated and made this campaign possible. Let’s look back at some key moments that made the Poverty is Sexist campaign so successful!


205 ONE Campus and community volunteers descended upon Washington to develop their leadership skills and to meet with their members of Congress on the importance of foreign aid and girls’ education.

During the Summit, ONE Campus and community members participated in several training sessions, learning how to build teams, use advocacy tools like social media, and ultimately become better advocates!

ONE Members from Montclair State University got a shout out from Appropriations Chair Rep. Freylinghuysen (NJ-11) on Twitter after meeting to discuss the importance of foreign assistance. Social media is a great advocacy tool!

Senator Rubio (FL) spoke with ONE members the morning of Lobby Day about the importance of foreign assistance programs. He stuck around to take a photo with these ONE Campus members from Rutgers, USC, CU-Boulder, and UW-LaCrosse.

ONE members met with staff or members from 241 congressional offices during the Power Summit’s Lobby Day. Here are some Campus members from the ONE chapter at University of California-Santa Barbara with Representative Matsui (CA-6)!

It wouldn’t be a Power Summit without a selfie with Senator Booker (NJ). Here’s the senator with ONE Campus members from the University of North Dakota!


Had fun at the Documentary Screening! #onecampus #oneatssu #ONEcampus

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Students from Salem State University hosted a film screening of our favorite movie, He Named Me Malala, and had attendees write handwritten letters to their senators about the importance of equal access to education for girls everywhere.

West Virginia University’s new Campus Leader, Madison, hosted her chapter’s first ever meeting and a classroom teach-in event to kick off the campaign!

Here’s ONE at the University of Iowa meeting with University President Bruce Harreld (second from the left). President Harreld was the first university president to sign onto ONE’s Poverty is Sexist Open Letter to World Leaders! After a great amount of persistence, ONE members from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse got their president and faculty members to sign the letter!


International Women’s Day is an unofficial holiday here at ONE, and this year we went bigger than we ever have. ONE Campus and community members along with their activist compatriots from Canada, Europe, and Africa were a part of the biggest day of action EVER.

We love boomerangs almost as much as we love the @onecampaign !

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Meshayla, from the University of Montana, delivered handwritten letters and petition signatures to her senator. ONE Campus members were responsible for 40 deliveries to local congressional offices across the country!

Congressional District Leader, Suud Olat, and the ONE Campus Leader at Augsburg College, Grant (not pictured), joined the IWD fun! They delivered letters and petition signatures to Senator Klobuchar’s (MN) office in Minneapolis.

ONE at BYU-Hawaii wins the award for the western-most International Women’s Day delivery in the U.S. There’s no better way to end an IWD petition delivery than with a firm handshake!

The closest Senate office for students from the University of Southern Mississippi is more than three hours from campus. Still, that distance didn’t stop Kayce and Zoe from making the drive and delivering the Poverty is Sexist petition to their senator!

After meeting with Rep. Polis’ staff on IWD, ONE at CU-Boulder Executive Board Member Ben was invited to join the representative for a town hall that weekend. On Sunday, March 12, Ben and two members from ONE at CU snagged a great spot during the town hall in their ONE Shirts. Ben said this about the town hall, “[Rep. Polis] pointed to us during the floor questions, but the mic never got to us. On his way into the gym he came up to us and said he remembered us from D.C. (at the Power Summit)! We didn’t get a question in, but they know we exist and seem to like us!”

Now that we’ve looked back, it’s time to look forward to our next campaign. Will you help protect the international affairs budget? Get started with the newest toolkit here.