Join ONE Campus’ Mobile Action Team

First things first, grab your phone and do the following: Open up your text messaging app and text “CAMPUS” to 40649. Answer the prompts and BOOM, you are now part of ONE Campus’ Mobile Action Team.

Okay, fine, you’re probably asking yourself, “What the hell is the Mobile Action Team? And why did Gordon just tell me to do this?” I’m glad you asked! First, let me thank you for joining the Mobile Action Team (MAT). The MAT is ONE’s way to get you in touch (via text, duh) with the most urgent actions that need to be taken.

I promise that ONE won’t text you at all hours of the day (unlike that certain classmate crashing for the next midterm). What I can promise is that answering this text makes a huge difference to legislators in the fight to end extreme poverty.

What’s awesome about the Mobile Action Team is that wherever you are – campus, home, or away from both – ONE can get in touch with you so that you can connect with your member of Congress.

Are you muttering to yourself, “Does this really work?” It does. Three years ago, a Senator introduced an amendment to cut foreign aid. The livelihood of our work and the lives of millions depend on the international affairs budget. ONE and ONE’s members would not stand for this and the Mobile Action Team was mobilized. Calls were made when Congressional offices were open through the afternoon. Hundreds upon hundreds of calls were made throughout the day and, when it came to voting time, the amendment lost 96-4. Storming phone lines throughout the day about a single vote makes a huge statement and Senators heard ONE members loud and clear.

I have to admit that I can’t tell you when you’ll receive a text from ONE but trust me, when that text comes in, you’re getting it because it’s important. Will you join me and the thousands of others on the Mobile Action Team?

Join ONE Campus’ Mobile Action team now! Text “CAMPUS” to 40649.