Leadership Summit Recap

In early July, 19 ONE Campus Leaders and executive board members from across the country came to Washington D.C. to deepen their leadership skills, plan for the fall semester, and lobby on Capitol Hill for the BUILD Act. These energized student leaders participated in training sessions with the ONE Campus team, met with ONE staff about the day to day operations of this organization, and participated in 54 lobbying meetings on the Hill.

Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights!

ONE Campus Launchpad

Ever wonder how to explain what ONE is and what ONE does to your friends and family? During the “Launchpad” session, students heard from Campus Managers, Maddy and Alyson, about ONE’s mission and how to advocate on college campuses. This session is always a nice refresher on some of the nuances of ONE and what makes advocacy different than other forms of activism. One thing Summit attendees got to do was practice and hone their elevator pitches. This was good practice because several students actually gave an elevator pitch…in an elevator!

First Three Months with ONE

During the next session, Campus Manager Gordon gave students a rundown on what their first three months with ONE Campus would and could look like. Gordon went through the process of becoming a fully recognized student organization, finding a faculty advisor, and event planning your first meeting. Students then took the time to generate goals for their campus chapters this fall. From how to create an executive board to generating actions, some of the best ideas come from brainstorming sessions with friends.

Scavenger Hunt

Who says you can’t work and play hard? After a long day of training, Campus Leaders had a blast doing a citywide photo scavenger hunt, exploring the city’s monuments on the National Mall. Each team embraced the competition as they raced to capture pictures at the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument and more. They even participated in some ONE trivia along the way.

BUILD Act Briefing

Before tackling those lobbying meetings, Summit attendees heard from ONE’s Government Relations and U.S. Policy team, to learn about the ins and outs of the BUILD Act. The simple truth is: the best way out of extreme poverty is a job. Students learned how the BUILD Act will make this a reality by helping American entrepreneurs do business in Africa and how it doubles the current amount of money that the U.S. lends for poverty reduction.

Lobby Day

Putting their new advocacy skills to the test, Campus Leaders attended 54 meetings on Capitol Hill in support of the BUILD Act.

After putting their elevator pitches to the test, several students had positive reports on their meetings. Some even got pictures with members of Congress.

When a staff member asks if you want to sit at the member’s desk, how can you refuse?

Just days after the Summit, the BUILD Act passed through the House and this would not have happened without all the hard work of our students that came to Washington, D.C. and ONE Campus members advocating across the country. Every petition delivery, call to a member of Congress, and lobbying meeting makes a difference. Next stop is the Senate and even though there is still work left to do, let’s take a moment to celebrate this win.

Interested in joining the fight to end extreme poverty like these students? Join ONE Campus today!