Five EASY ways to use your Instagram for advocacy!

Instagram is almost 10 years old (!) and in those 10 years how we interact with the platform has changed a lot.

From a delicious meal at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Florence, to a baby taking their first steps, you can find a photo of almost anything on Instagram. But it’s not just for sharing ‘grammable photos, it’s also a platform that activists should utilize as well.

The majority of Americans believe that social media can be a force for political and social change, and this belief is reflected in posts. Activists around the world are using Instagram to share their passions, educate their followers about issues, promote action, and enact change – and YOU can too!

Why does Instagram work?

The photos! Pictures can help you capture a feeling, show the impact of your work, and put real life faces and names to the issues you are trying to solve. Plus, without a character limit, you can use as many words, @’s or hashtags you want to get your message across.

How can you use your Instagram for good?

Here are some tips to share your activist work and join an issue conversation:

  • #HashtagIt. to categorize your pics and join an ongoing issue thread. If @ONE is using the hashtag #PovertyIsSexist, use the same one to join in!
  • Tag Tag Tag. Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to draw attention to? Tag users! Another underutilized function is using the location tag as well. That way it lands on another page for people to see your activism.
  • Make it personal. Tell your followers why you care – and why they should too! You don’t have to copy and paste exactly what your favorite organization says — your voice is authentic and matters! But, you should (of course) always feel free to repost from @ONE!
  • Interact with users. Instagram is a community of users who are sharing their lives. When you get a comment or someone asks a question, engage them with a reply!
  • Link in bio. You always want your followers to do something after seeing your post. Give people an action to take by directing them to visit “the link in bio” in your post copy.

Sharing about the issues you feel strongly about is the first step in making real change – and these posts can translate into real on-the-ground action. Ask your followers to join you in spreading the word or even taking actions to fight for your cause.

Now that you’re going to do some good on Instagram. Give ONE Campus a follow TODAY!