ICYMI: April Edition

Here’s a look back on a month full of kickass advocacy by amazing ONE members just like YOU!


The campaign toolkit is live and ONE members are working hard to make sure Congress members know to pass the BUILD Act. The Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development Act (BUILD) Act is an innovative way of putting private-sector dollars to work in developing countries building infrastructure, creating first-time access to electricity, starting businesses, creating jobs, and ultimately reducing the need for American foreign aid.

The BUILD Act would fast-track the modernization of America’s engagement in developing countries — shifting even closer to real partnership — while reforming federal government programs to make them more efficient. It’s a new way to think about development. Will you add your name to the petition asking your member of Congress to support the BUILD Act?

Any questions about the BUILD Act? Watch the video below!

What’s your plan, PM Trudeau?

Don’t let April go without watching this important video. Prime Minister Trudeau, ONE members are calling you out and demanding a plan. Do your part and tell Prime Minister Trudeau to enable every woman to unlock her own potential.

Hood College in Action

Members from ONE at Hood College in Frederick, MD decided to host their own Lobby Day in April. They set up meetings with their Senators and Representatives. Hood College students made their way to Capitol Hill to lobby for the BUILD Act! During their busy day, they made a quick stop at the ONE offices and of course, they couldn’t resist a sweet rooftop photo-op. So proud of their hard work!

April snapshots 

Here are some great shots of ONE members in action! From Arizona to Kentucky to Pennsylvania, ONE Campus chapters are spreading the word and making sure everyone is working together to end extreme poverty.

Successful Meeting😀#onecampus

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Important reads

Rachel is a previous campus leader and a current community volunteer – her story is most definitely worth a read.

Bicycles and women’s education have more in common than you may think and here’s why. 🚲🚲🚲

Ubuntu Made is doing good while making others look good! Click the link to learn how their products empower women, their communities and help provide an education to their special needs children.