This young activist is rallying her peers to end poverty

From her Girl Scout troop to her high school in Georgia, Hailey is making sure everyone knows about the importance of advocacy.

Inspired by her mom’s ability to balance a busy schedule and helping others, Hailey is making helping others her personal mission. What she loves most is “seeing the impact that activism has made on people in poverty.” Having discovered ONE thanks to her mom and aunt, Hailey decided to bring the fight to end extreme poverty to her high school, where she and her classmates have been writing letters to their members of Congress.

Beyond her campus, Hailey is a dedicated Girl Scout who has big hopes to bring advocacy and her troop together.

Set to get her 10-year award this year, Hailey is working on creating a workbook to teach fellow Girl Scouts about advocacy. This workbook will also be her Gold Award Project that will include activities based on advocacy and a “how to” guide on writing an effective letter to a member of Congress. Hailey says, “[The book] will only take one meeting to go through and at the end, those who complete the activity will earn a patch.” A super exciting aspect of this workbook is that it will not only be available to Girl Scouts, but easily obtainable for Boy Scouts, faith groups, and other organizations, as well!

The 10 years Hailey has spent with the Girl Scouts have taught her the importance of helping others and have encouraged her to continue working with ONE. Hailey’s time with ONE has enabled her to get people in her community involved with issues far from home: “I feel like I’m giving people in my hometown a chance to feel like a part of something bigger,” she says. Hailey knows the power in numbers and recognizes that the more people in her community are writing letters and learning about advocacy, the more her elected officials will take action to end extreme poverty.

Hailey’s initiative and passion for helping others is inspiring. Maybe a ONE Campus leadership role is in her post-high school plans? For now, she’s got a few words of wisdom for any young activists fighting the good fight: “You’re not alone and your voice does matter – there are millions of people who care and are using their voice for change, just like you.”

Hailey’s an inspiration! Add your name to the movement to end global extreme poverty today.