Get to know ONE Campus’ newest Campus Manager, Alyson!

ONE Campus is thrilled to introduce the newest team member, Alyson! Based in Chicago, Alyson will be supporting campus chapters in Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Alyson was born and raised in Fenton, Michigan before attending Michigan State University for her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. As an undergraduate student, Alyson’s campus job with MSU’s Institute of International Agriculture led her to work on projects in Burundi, India, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, and Senegal.  (Talk about a dream campus job!)

Alyson enjoying a Field day at a Peruvian school with students.

Alyson enjoying a Field day at a Peruvian school with students.

Upon graduation, Alyson joined the Peace Corps, spent a year in Mexico with USAID, and was an AmeriCorps Volunteer for the American Red Cross in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2015, she decided to continue her education at George Washington University. While studying for her Master’s in International Education, Alyson also worked full time with Cultural Vistas as a Program Officer.  In this role, Alyson facilitated international leadership exchanges for college students internationally and abroad, and was able to work in Austria, Japan, and the Philippines.

A visit to Teotihuacan!

A visit to Teotihuacan, Mexico!

For her research in International Education, Alyson was also able to travel to Japan, Northern Ireland, and Cuba. She recommends adding the United Kingdom to your bucket list: Having visited more than 30 countries, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are the top locations she misses most.

Alyson & friends smiling through a door at an old samurai temple in Nagasaki.

Alyson & friends smiling through a door at an old samurai temple in Nagasaki, Japan. 

With an abundance of experience, Alyson set her sights on a job opportunity that would enable her to work on some of the issues she’s most passionate about, like girls’ education and international development. Alyson found herself right at home with ONE. Passionate about working with college students and empowering them to believe that their voices matter, Alyson knew ONE Campus would be the perfect fit. Working as a Campus Manager, Alyson is most excited to use her experiences to remind young advocates how important, effective, and powerful their voice is.

Fall time in Czechy Krumlov.

Fall time in Czechy Krumlov, Czech Republic.

Alyson is looking forward to making her work with campus chapters FUN. She knows ONE Campus members work hard for the issues they’re passionate about and wants to make sure everyone is having a good time along the way. “It’s always important to step back and realize that advocacy can be fun and happy,” she says. The campus team at ONE couldn’t agree more!

Lightning Round:

  • Secret talent? Baking.
  • Dogs or cats? Cats.
  • Is Lake Michigan “like the ocean?” NOOO, it’s so much better.
  • White Sox or Cubs? Neither—Detroit Tigers.
  • What are you listening to right now? Reputation by Taylor Swift.
  • Last book you read? Small Admissions by Amy Poeppel.
  • Where do you want to travel to next? Malta!


ONE Campus is so excited to have Alyson on the team! Welcome her by writing a message in the comments below.