Farewell Fady! (We’re not crying).

Like the last few weeks of summer, all good things must come to an end! ONE Campus is sad to be saying goodbye to Fady this week as he leaves his Campus Manager role to pursue an exciting opportunity that puts him in touch with domestic service volunteers around the country.

ONE has been a big part of Fady’s life for the last several years. He started as a volunteer, serving as a ONE Campus Leader and building up a ONE chapter at Augusta University in Georgia from 2011-2013. In 2014, he came back to ONE in a staff capacity, serving as an organizing fellow for a program the field team piloted for a year in North Carolina.  He then boomeranged back to ONE in 2015 to serve in his current role—Manager for College Organizing on the ONE Campus team.

In his current role, Fady has recruited, trained, and supported our ONE Campus volunteers in a number of priority states and congressional districts across the country! Fady has been a smart, creative, and stylish member of our team and we’ll miss him!

Here’s what each member of the ONE Campus team had to say about Fady:


Fady has been an amazing colleague, teammate, and friend. His upbeat, can-do attitude is infectious and is consistently a happy, positive influence on our team. From the time Fady started volunteering with ONE as a ONE Campus Leader through now as Manager for College Organizing on staff, it’s been evident that Fady is genuinely passionate about ONE’s mission and leveraging the power of college students in making change. I think what really stands out is the depth and substance of the strong relationships Fady has built with his ONE Campus volunteers, his colleagues, and his immediate team…a critical skill and talent for any organizer. On top of all that, I’m going to miss having him as my desk neighbor in the office—always making me laugh, and/or helping me align my margins on a document. It’s been a pleasure to supervise and work alongside Fady and he will be missed!


One great thing about Fady is that he always knows the right things to say! During my internship I was offered a job from another company and was feeling really hesitant and scared to negotiate a salary or even really advocate for myself. During a meeting with Fady, he took the time to impress upon me the importance of knowing my worth. He always encouraged me to live my truth and be the best version of me I could. He instilled confidence in me and guidance to me always. I know his students would feel similarly that his goal was to empower and uplift those around him. He is the true embodiment of a leader!


Over the past two years or so Fady has become one of my best friends here at ONE and outside of ONE. Every single day he brought his whole self to work and to the ONE Campus Leaders and members across the nearly 20 states he managed. He’s been a colleague, friend, lunch buddy, and a good guy.

One thing that I’ll miss about Fady is laughing with him and mostly him laughing at me. There is not a single negative bone in Fady’s body and probably even better is that he’s sees the good in all things. We’ve been better and I’ve been better because of knowing Fady.


The day I started my internship, I ran into Fady on the train while on my way to the ONE office. From that moment I knew I was lucky to have such a kind, fun, and hilarious person as my supervisor. Not everyone can call their boss their friend, but I’m fortunate that I can make that claim with ease. Whether it was professional advice, life advice, a good story, or a good joke, I have learned so much from Fady that I will take with me into the future. I’ve truly been impressed by his ability to engage in conversation and share a laugh with almost anyone. It’s sad to see him go, but I know he will continue radiating positivity wherever his journey takes him.


From the moment I first joined ONE officially, I knew that Fady was going to be there for me as a colleague and a friend. He makes you feel like you are part of the group instantaneously, even if you don’t know all of the inside jokes yet. Fady is incredibly smart and capable, but the best thing about him is that he makes you feel as smart and capable as he is. He lifts people up to his level. And he’s a spiffy dresser so he also lifts up our ONE Campus style swag too. We will miss his presence greatly!

Please join us in congratulating Fady and wishing him well!

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