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Five delicious African side dishes for the holidays

The holiday season has arrived and ONE Campus is here to help. Here are five African dishes you can make at home to spice up any holiday celebration.

Alumni August: Meet Bjorn!

For the second year in a row ONE Campus is bringing back “Alumni August.” This post features Seton Hall Campus Leader Bjorn. Read more about how he’s using skills he learned as a #ONECampus Leader in his role for an international company.

“Basically, ONE changed my life.” This is Nicole’s story.

In her own words Nicole was a “ridiculously shy” and reserved person but after becoming a ONE Campus Leader she was “unapologetically confident.” Read about her transformation and journey with ONE and ONE Campus.

7 things you didn’t know about Nelson Mandela

Here are a few things you may not have known about Nelson Mandela.

March Madness 2016: Anything Can Happen

March Madness is here and we at ONE Campus are feeling the spirit of competition!

IMPACTing the World in Four Days

The IMPACT Conference is one of the nation’s largest annual civic engagement gatherings for students. Read more about what ONE Campus did this year.

The Iowa State Fair: Food, Fun, and Famous Politicians

ONE at University of Iowa campus leader Brody found a unique opportunity at a state fair to connect with presidential hopefuls.

ONE Conscious Step at a Time

We’re excited to introduce you to Conscious Step, an organization that is working on issues of hunger, education, water, and HIV–through socks.

15 in 2015: ONE Campus’ Top Moments

2015 was quite the year. Take a look at our photoblog to reminisce on another great year of #ONECampus accomplishments.

21 things only activists will understand

1. When you meet someone who gets just as worked up about an issue as you   2. When someone thinks they know all about an issue because they saw a Leo DiCaprio movie   3. When a friend suggests you go to McDonalds or Walmart   4. When you are about to go street […]

5 steps to throwing a holiday party that gives back

My zeal for celebrating holidays is pretty over the top sometimes. Luckily, my two roommates feel similarly (or at least, they’re willing to indulge me). My roomies and I have a lot of traditions during the Christmas season—decorating our little apartment, making chocolate-covered holiday pretzels, and going to see the White House Christmas tree. But […]

6 African-Inspired Recipes (for the College Budget!)

College students aren’t always known for their cooking prowess. Whether it’s ramen, Easy Mac, or pizza, it doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of international zest every now and then. We recommend trying these African-inspired summer recipes.