A Personality Chart of Our Favorite Change Makers

As advocates and change makers, we draw inspiration from those who have come before us: leaders past and present that have shaped history through their dedication to duty, justice, love, service, and change. How a leader overcomes obstacles represents who they are as people, complex individuals with multifaceted personalities. They approach different causes with unique and varying strategies and their diversity demonstrates that everyone is capable of good deeds.

We took our best guess at matching several influential change makers with their personality type by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a personality test based on the proposition that there are four ways by which we experience the world: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. People can be sorted into either introversion (I) or extroversion, sensing (S) or intuition (N), feeling (F) or thinking (T), and judgement (J) or perception (P).  How a person experiences and interacts with the world falls into 16 different personality types. (If you don’t know your type, you can take the test today.)

“Photo credit: Presidência do México/Wikimedia Commons.”

INTJ: Mark Zuckerberg, The Strategist

We think that, as the inventor of Facebook and a renowned philanthropist, Mark Zuckerberg might be an INTJ. INTJs are decisive, brilliant, and insightful leaders who enjoy perfecting ideas and situations. As natural strategists, they work independently, are rational, and very hardworking. Check out Mark’s address on the role internet access can play into lifting communities out of poverty!

Quote: “I’m here to build something for the long-term. Anything else is a distraction.”

ISTJ: George Washington, The Duty Fulfiller

As the United States’ first President George Washington is remembered for his vision, leadership, and precedents. He saw being President as a duty, not his right. Similarly, ISTJs continually seek to maintain a stable and secure life for themselves and their loved ones. They are exceptionally loyal, by the book, bright, and logical. They are responsible, strong-willed and dutiful, with a strict sense of right and wrong.

Quote: “Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.”

“Photo credit: Turelio/Wikimedia Commons.”

ISFJ: Mother Teresa, The Nurturer

When people think of selfless service, Mother Teresa always comes to mind. She was always willing to lend a hand—just like many who identify as ISFJs. ISFJs are altruistic, empathetic, and self-sacrificing. They are also patient, good with their hands, and hard workers.

Quote: If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

“Photo credit: Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons.”

ESTJ: Emma Watson, The Guardian

Whether she’s portraying smart heroines like Belle and Hermione, or she’s acting as an UN Ambassador, Emma Watson is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong-willed, fiercely outspoken, and likes to take charge. Similarly honest and direct, an ESTJ focuses on results and works hard to defend their loved ones and the causes they care about.

Quote: “I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.”

“Photo credit: File:[email protected]_Tokyo_Summer_Sonic_2008_02.jpg/wikimedia commons”

ESFJ: Alicia Keys, The Caregiver

While most known for her best-selling albums, Alicia Key is also an HIV/AIDS advocate. She co-founded Keep a Child Alive, an organization that works with families and individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS in several countries abroad. We think that sounds like an ESFJ, which strongly values harmony and security and tends to avoid conflict. ESFJs are warm-hearted, popular, and interested in serving others.

Quotes: What breaks my heart is suffering of any kind. Too often, our world is divisive and cruel where it needs to be uniting and loving.”

source: wikimedia commons- public domain

ISTP: Harriet Tubman, The Operator

Harriet Tubman freed hundreds of slaves and went on to be a humanitarian and armed scout and spy during the American Civil War. While usually quiet and reserved, ISTPs are fearless risk-takers and have quick minds and level heads. They are extremely faithful to loved ones and their own personal values, but less so to society’s rules and regulations.

Quote: “I would fight for my liberty so long as my strength lasted, and if the time came for me to go, the Lord would let them take me.”

“Photo credit: Andre Pierre du Plessis/ wikimedia commons”

ISFP: Judith Sephuma, The Artist

Judith Sephuma is a South African Jazz and Afro-pop singer and humanitarian. She took part in “Strong Girl,” which was created by eight top female artists from across Africa, superstar music producer Cobhams Asuquo, and a team of ONE staff in Johannesburg with the mission of empowering women in Africa. (You can check out the song “Strong Girl” here!) Like Judith, ISFPs are often artists. Compassionate and observant, they tend to focus on supporting others. They are creative, imaginative, and enjoy beauty.

Quote: It’s now time to empower the woman, because when you empower a woman, you have empowered the nation.”

Source: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0

ESTP: Angelina Jolie, The Doer

Angelina Jolie is not only well-known for her acting, but also for her humanitarian efforts, which include conservation, women’s rights, education, and the current refugee crisis. She’s a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Similarly, people who identify as ESTPs are bold, honest, and adaptable. As evidenced by her film and advocacy work, she loves action, adventure, and puts her words into action.

Quote:  “Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all those things that add up to the person you become.”

Source: David Lienemann – White House (V011013DL-0556), Public Domain

ESFP: Joe Biden, The Performer

While fighting for women’s rights and public health, Vice President Biden maintains his idealism and optimistic spirit. If you are like Vice President Biden, you might also be fun, optimistic, and impulsive. ESFPs love to perform and be the center of attention, often bringing a contagious energy to a room. They are also great socializers, idea generators, and communicators.

Quote: We must rekindle the fire of idealism in our society.”

Source: Unbekannter Fotograf; Collectie Anne Frank Stichting Amsterdam

ENFP: Anne Frank, The Inspirer

While Anne Frank lived through a dark time in history during German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II, her hope and belief in the good of everyone never wavered. Her life and writing continue to inspire generations. Popular, warm, and passionate, ENFPs have great people skills and enjoy taking up causes. They have high moral standards and see potential and meaning in every aspect of their life.

Quotes: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Source: DFID – UK Department for International Development – Malala Yousafzai: Education for girls, CC BY 2.0,

ENFJ: Malala, The Giver

Surviving an attack that threatened her life, Malala has become a leading voice for women’s empowerment and girls’ education around the world through her organization, the Malala Fund. Like many ENFJs, she is friendly, charming, and possesses a high degree of empathy that influences her work. An ENFJ is a charismatic and idealistic leader who lives to serve others and develop strong intimate relationships.

Quote: “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” 

Source: Rick – Princess Diana, Bristol 1987, CC BY 2.0

INFP: Princess Diana, The Idealist

As the “People’s Princess”, Princess Diana’s dedication to issues outside of traditional royal responsibility was revolutionary. Princess Diana used her prominence to fight the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS alongside Nelson Mandela and others. Similarly, INFPs are idealistic, creative, loyal, and good listeners. They tend to be calm and reserved, but quietly passionate.

Quote: “Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.”

Source: South Africa The Good News / www.sagoodnews.co.za, CC BY 2.0

INFJ: Nelson Mandela, The Protector

The former president of South Africa was a revolutionary politician and philanthropist who focused on dismantling institutionalized racism. If you’re an INFJ, you could be insightful and inspiring like Nelson Mandela. An INFJ is quietly forceful and determined, with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Quote: A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Source: By Pete Souza, The Obama-Biden Transition Project

ENTP: Barack Obama, The Visionary

A skilled orator, a former professor of constitutional law, and known for his great comedic timing, President Obama is the first African-American President of the United States. If you are like President Obama you might be quick-witted and competitive, as well as energetic, charismatic, and resourceful. ENTPs get excited about new ideas. Outspoken and direct, they adapt naturally to different situations.

Barack Obama: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Source: Dick DeMarsico, World Telegram staff photographer – This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3c26559

ENTJ: Martin Luther King Jr., The Executive

A champion for civil disobedience, Martin Luther King, Jr. led the Civil Rights movement with confidence and charisma. These are in fact traits of an ENTJ: high self-confidence, charisma, and leadership. They value efficiency and competence, and are intelligent and logical leaders.

Quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Source: Alexander Gardner – This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3a53289.

INTP: Abraham Lincoln, The Thinker

Abraham Lincoln led the United States through the biggest challenge it had faced at the time: the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery. Abraham Lincoln was known as an incredibly competent and logical thinker. INTPs are capable and honest individuals. They are driven by the pursuit of knowledge, and make decisions efficiently and without involving emotion.

Quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
What these visionary leaders prove is that there is more than one way to make a difference. Regardless of their strengths, each one of these influential leaders created change by using their voice for good and so can you! So what are you waiting for? The end of extreme poverty and preventable disease starts with you!

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