8 creative events to celebrate women and girls

So you’ve got your campaign toolkit and are brainstorming campus events and preparing what to do for International Women’s Day on March 8th. You must feel like now, more than ever, you want to celebrate women and girls and get the all of the actions. ONE Campus is here to help!

Our team came up with eight examples of creative events that will be sure to engage students around campus and bring them in droves to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of student advocates and women and girls across the globe.

Feeling artsy!

1. Partner with the art department or like-minded organization to host an exhibition of women artists. In lieu of a ticket, have attendees write letters upon entrance. You could even make it interactive and create a show piece on advocacy using everyone’s handwritten letters.


2. Host a photo contest where students submit their photos depicting what women and girls across the globe can accomplish with a fully funded international affairs budget! Host a capstone event where students come and vote for their favorite photo. Generate actions by having attendees write a letter while they are there and tweet their favorite photo to your school’s representative and senators. Don’t forget to use #ONECampus.

3. Video festival: Have students submit homemade videos showing why they care about the continued funding for development projects benefiting women and girls. This is a great opportunity to partner with your school’s study abroad office or campus ministry to have student share their abroad or mission trip activities that impacted women and girls.


DIY advocacy

4. As part of your film screening or faculty panel, channel your inner Martha Stewart and host a potluck featuring traditional family recipes from your own families or from women around the world. Pinterest is a great resource for new recipes!


5. Host a craft night where everyone makes their own inspirational postcard celebrating women around the world — then send them to your elected official.


Turn campus into your canvas

6. Does your campus have a landmark they let student organizations paint or take charge of? See if you can paint the rock or take charge of the campus landmark for International Women’s Day. Host a table right by it or use it as another advertising point of your events!

7. Organize with other organizations to chalk, paint, flyer, etc. your campus for the day! 

8. Create a photo booth using cardboard and poster board! Create cards students can hold that advocate for global women’s rights against a homemade IWD backdrop. Be creative and come up with your own selfie cards or go off of the list of examples below:

  • Poverty is Sexist #IWD
  • I will fight for women and girls everywhere #IWD
  • Only 1% of our federal budget supports development programs for women and girls! #DefendAid
  • Half a billion women can’t read this #ONECampus

Upload each picture as a tweet, tagging your Senators and Representative, so they see how loud your campus’ voice is!

However you celebrate, get creative and partner with other student organizations and the community to get your collective voices heard as you celebrate and advocate for women and girls across the globe!

Are you ready to put these events on IRL? Remember to report all your actions here.