6 podcasts you need in your life right now

Here are five podcasts you need in your life right now. Whether you want something for your morning commute, afternoon workout session, or just a nice distraction during your weekly meal prep– we’ve got you covered and want you to multitask with purpose!

  1. The 4 “P”s That Get Stuff Done – “Center for Global Development Podcast”

Here’s a quick preview:

If you’re familiar with ONE, then the title is a straight giveaway – “the four ‘P’s!” Center for Global Development podcast host, Rajesh Mirchandani, and ONE’s co-founder, Jamie Drummond, speak on the importance of policy, politics, pop culture, and people when it comes to accomplishing ONE’s mission. This is a great opportunity to hear more from Jamie and gain a better understanding on why the four “P”s are so effective and essential.

  1. The Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII – Pod Save the World

Pod Save the World host, Tommy Vietor, is accompanied by David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee and former UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. This episode focuses on the famine that has put 20 million people at risk of starvation, but most importantly offers concrete ways listeners can help.  This podcast is a great reminder that people—and contrary to popular belief, young people especially—do care about the world around them and are willing to act to ensure progress. Second, this podcast highlights the important and oft neglected benefits of foreign aid: Not only does foreign aid result in empowering and enriching communities abroad, it can also help promote national security back home.

  1. Gayle Smith, former USAID Administrator – Pod Save the World

Source: By US Department of Labor (L-16-06-07-B-016) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s a great opportunity to hear from ONE’s President and CEO, Gayle Smith. This episode is a bit lengthy and pretty content-heavy but definitely worth your time. The host, Tommy Vietor, and Gayle Smith focus on the crisis in South Sudan and what kind of risks cutting the foreign aid budget would have. This podcast does a great job of reminding us about three things:

1) Your voice matters. (Can we stress this enough?)

2) Bi-partisan support is essential (🙌)

3) We need to defend the international affairs budget at all costs!

  1. Dreams of a Young Cow Herder – The Moth Podcast

This podcast is short, sweet, and super inspiring—truly perfect for your morning commute. In this episode, listeners follow James Kassaga’s dream to be able to afford a tin roof for his family home in rural western Uganda. With a father suffering from HIV, James’ promise to his grandmother to build that tin roof would only become a reality as a result of education. Download this podcast to hear how far his accomplishments have spanned and how education led him to achieving much more than just that one dream.

  1. Changing the World For Girls – UNICEF Radio

Need the lowdown on girls’ education? Look no further. This UNICEF Radio podcast moderated by Alex Goldmark and joined by Dr. Adefunke Ekine and Dr. Judith-Ann Walker delivers the hard truths on girls’ education in the 21st century and the hard work that still needs to be done. This episode highlights the importance of female representation within STEM education, as well as the fact that education empowers girls and is an essential asset in the fight against extreme poverty. If you’re an all-star expert on girls’ education, don’t hesitate to pass it on—sharing is caring!

Guns not butter (with Mazon and the ONE Campaign) – West Wing Podcast

The West Wing Weekly podcast is an hour long discussion of the political drama, The West Wing. Host Hrishikesh Hirway and ONE’s North America Executive Director Tom Hart discuss the topic of foreign aid mentioned in Season 4 Episode 2, “Guns Not Butter.” Making the case for foreign aid, Tom reminds listeners that while most Americans believe 25 percent of the budget is going towards foreign aid, in reality it is just one percent. The key takeaway from this episode is: For just one percent of the federal budget has a tremendous, long-term effect on the lives of millions, providing lifesaving vaccines, fostering democracy, and even protecting Americans back home.

Now that you’re full of knowledge, inspiring stories, and determination to change the world – start today and make a difference NOW.

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