We MUST protect funding for women and girls

The latest ONE Campus toolkit is out and it’s time to take action. In too many countries, being born poor and female means a life sentence of inequality, oppression, and poverty – and in many cases, it’s also a death sentence. We know poverty is sexist and we won’t stop fighting until girls and women everywhere are able to reach their full potential.

ONE Campus members from Monmouth University

By fully funding the United States’ International Affairs Budget, it will support development programs that make things more equal for girls and women in the poorest countries, which helps end extreme poverty faster. When we educate girls, we’re not just changing their lives —  we’re empowering them to transform their communities and break the cycle of intergenerational extreme poverty.

To make sure change is happening, we need you to mobilize your campus community to protect the budget that helps empower women, puts girls in school, and saves the lives of millions of people living in extreme poverty — all for just 1 percent of the federal budget. Start planning your advocacy NOW: The toolkit is live and we’ve got a bunch of great options on how you can get involved. From hosting a film screening to tabling, writing letters, or even setting up an International Women’s Day coffee house event (yes, please!), this toolkit has something for every campus.


You’ve got the facts, you’ve got the toolkit, and you sure as hell have the passion. More than 130 million girls are now waiting on YOU to better their future and ensure a brighter tomorrow for generations to follow. What are you waiting for?

Here’s the toolkit —let’s make change happen.