Keep on keeping on: Your end-of-the-year ONE Campus recap

Advocacy isn’t easy. There are currently unprecedented threats to life-saving foreign assistance programs, but ONE Campus members continue to raise their voices in the fight against extreme poverty undeterred. Due to relentless passion and action, tremendous progress is being made in eliminating extreme poverty, and this academic year has showcased the very best of what young people can accomplish. The 2016-17 ONE Campus year was anything but ordinary, yet ONE Campus members showed off the power of advocacy campaign after campaign. Let’s take a look at this year’s Campus campaigns, month by month:

September ‘16: The Next Generation of ONE Campus

In September, ONE Campus got a makeover: we unveiled a new logo, produced an awesome new kickoff video, and there was a lot of excitement for the upcoming campaigns. We carried that momentum into the first campaign as Campus Leaders took over ONE’s Snapchat account to show off their stuff. Check out what members did for the launch of the 2016-17 Campus season from every time zone:

October ‘16: ONE Vote ‘16

The Presidential election was at the forefront of everyone’s minds in October, and ONE Campus members had to get involved. As early as the primaries, campus members were there on the campaign trail. In the fall ONE Campus chapters garnered 2,824 ONE Vote ballots asking both Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton to prioritize issues like girls’ education and combating HIV/AIDS if elected president. Several schools even got the chance to host the White House Bounce House.


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November ‘16: Education for All

On the heels of the Presidential election came a campaign on global education targeted at Congress. Right now, 130 million girls are denied access to an education. College students know the benefits of an education, so it’s only fitting that college students would advocate for the Education for All Act (now the READ Act). During this campaign, ONE chapters got back to what they do best: collecting handwritten letters to their members of Congress.

December ‘16: In-district Deliveries

Handwritten letters have a huge impact on decision makers, and ONE members delivered these letters to their local Congressional offices to double that impact. By the end of the Education for All campaign, over 4,000 letters from ONE members were delivered to Congress!

January ’17: READ Act

ONE Campus members were welcomed back to campus for the spring semester as the Education for All Act was renamed the Revitalizing Education Accountability Act (READ) and was reintroduced to Congress for the new session. ONE Campus members were as ready as ever to continue the campaign for girls’ education, so they got out their pens and paper to write even more letters to Congress seeking passage of the READ Act. During the first campaign of 2017, ONE Campus members collected nearly 800 letters supporting girls’ education and hosted 19 classroom teach-in events to educate and encourage their peers to act.

February ’17: Power Summit

February is our favorite time of year, because more than 200 of our best and brightest volunteers descend upon Washington, D.C. for the annual ONE Power Summit. This year’s theme, E Pluribus Unum, means “Out of many, one.” Those words couldn’t be more true as a diverse group of people from all 50 states met to learn, bond, and advocate for a common mission: equal access to education for girls everywhere and a fully-funded international affairs budget.

March ’17: International Women’s Day

With letters and petitions in hand, ONE Campus members took part in the biggest day of action in ONE history. On International Women’s Day (March 8), ONE Campus members conducted more than 40 letter and petition deliveries to their Senators’ and Representatives’ local offices. The best part? ONE Campus members were joined by ONE members all over the world who told their elected leaders that #GirlsCount and advocated for the 130 million girls still not in school.

April ‘17: Budget Defense

With the President’s proposed cuts to the international affairs budget, it has perhaps never been more important to speak out in support of life-saving development programs. ONE Campus members understand the importance of foreign aid, and that is why they have spent the past two months letting their members of Congress know that fighting extreme poverty abroad matters to the people they represent. The battle for a fully-funded international affairs budget is far from over, but check out how ONE Campus chapters have been defending investments in critical, life-saving programs over this campaign:

Since mid-March, ONE Campus members:

  • Wrote and collected 1085 letters to Congress
  • Made 265 calls to Congressional offices


It’s been a big year and we couldn’t do it without the passion, energy, and leadership of ONE Campus chapters across the country. Huge thanks to all the ONE Campus members for their work throughout the year. Your efforts truly make a difference and we appreciate everything you do! We hope you’ll join us this summer as we continue the fight to end extreme poverty!

The fight for a fully-funded international affairs budget is a long-term battle. Find out what you can do this summer to help us win that fight here!