10 creative ways to get 10 actions

So you’ve met with your ONE Campus Manager, agreed to start your own ONE Campus chapter on your campus, are down with the idea of ending extreme poverty in our lifetime, and now what? How do you go from starting your ONE Campus chapter to actually influencing lawmakers? As a ONE Campus member, your job is to generate catalytic actions directed to your members of Congress and senators. A catalytic action is a direct, personalized action to your member of Congress. This could be a handwritten letter, a tweet, a phone call or an in-person meeting.

But for some campuses, the process of starting an official club can take months and sometimes it can seem pretty overwhelming. How can you get actions before your college officially recognizes you as a club? Where do you even start? Luckily, organizing can happen anywhere anytime! Whether you are a brand new chapter or still working to build your team, here are some cool ways to get actions without putting in a ton of work.

Pick up the phone:


1) Schedule 15 minutes once a week to make three calls: one to each Senator and one to your Representative. After one month, you will have made 12 calls! (Don’t know who your member is? us is a great resource.)

2) Ask five people you know (such as your friends, roommates, significant other, or classmates) to make two calls, one to each of their Senators. You can even have them join you on one of your 15-minute weekly sessions!

3) Ask 10 people to call just one of their Senators. It takes no more than 30 seconds and it’s less scary to have a call party with a friend. (Hint: Check out the latest toolkit for a call script.)

Use social media for good:


4) Make it a habit to tweet at your members of Congress once a week during any given campaign. Just like option 1, by the end of the month you’ll have 12 tweets out.

5) Ask five of your most social-media savvy friends to tweet at both of their Senators asking them to defend foreign aid. Twitter is an often-forgotten method of advocacy, but a great way to reach your lawmakers quickly and directly.

Get out there on campus:


6) Ask one of your professors for 10 minutes of class time to discuss your issue and ask each student in the class to write a letter. You can post a sample letter up on the projector for folks to copy and collect them at the end of class.

7) Bring candy, cookies, or cupcakes to your student union and give away each one in exchange for writing a letter. Free food is a great motivator.

8) Challenge each of your members to take one of these steps and go out and get 10 actions on their own. This empowers your membership and creates more reach for your chapter.

9) Having a hard time booking a table? Try taking over a space at the coffee shop or student union. Let your friends and members know you’ll be there and have materials available for people to come say “Hi” and write a letter.


10) ONE was founded by like-minded international development partner organizations. Build new relationships on campus and ask these organizations to come to you with 10 actions. ONE Campus members can’t do it alone.

Whatever step you take, don’t forget about the importance of data. You want to make sure that all you do is recorded and submitted to the “Report Actions” page of the ONE Campus site. If you’re having trouble with data, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Campus Manager.

And don’t forget: You can take action now! Tweet at your Senator now to defend foreign aid using the sample tweet below:

Dear @[Senator’s Twitter Handle], For just 1% of the federal budget, U.S foreign aid helps keep our country safe and saves the lives of millions of people living in extreme poverty. Please defend it! #ONECampus