How to use your phone like an activist

Here’s how to turn your phone into the ultimate advocacy tool.

What will it take to educate all the world’s girls?

Without sufficient resources, we risk squandering the intellectual, economic and social potential that educated girls can deliver.

ONE Campus campaign recap: PEPFAR

The latest campaign has come to a close and the Campus team wanted to take the time to celebrate AND say thank you for all the hard work.

Get to know ONE Campus’ newest Campus Manager, Alyson!

Get to know Alyson, the newest member of the ONE Campus team! She’ll be supporting ONE Campus chapters throughout the central region of the United States. Alyson comes to ONE with years of experience of traveling, and working with causes and young people. Read more about the newest addition to the team.

Five delicious African side dishes for the holidays

The holiday season has arrived and ONE Campus is here to help. Here are five African dishes you can make at home to spice up any holiday celebration.

Forced from home

Follow Maddy as she visited a free, interactive outdoor exhibition and guided tour called “Forced From Home” with Doctors Without Borders. Through this exhibit Maddy gained a better understanding of the daily realities of the more than 65 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

A coffee sleeve EVERY college student needs

Ubuntu Made are doing their part to educate children and empower women in Kenya. Their coffee sleeve is a product that gives back, and is stylish and super handy. Read until the end to check out a special gift for ONE Campus members and readers.

ONE Campus campaign recap: Standing up for girls’ education

The first campaign of the season has come to an end. Here’s a look back at how hard ONE Campus chapters have campaigned for girls’ education. We wanted to recap of all their success and take the opportunity to say THANK YOU!

4 ways you can help girls get an education this IDG

More than 130 MILLION girls are being denied the chance to discover who they are, make choices for themselves, and learn skills like reading and writing.

5 podcasts you need in your life right now

ONE Campus loves a good podcast – who doesn’t? To celebrate the brilliance of podcasts, here’s a list of five episodes you need to download and stream right now.

Alert! Another awesome brand: Rice Love

ONE Campus knows that as college students, you’re looking for ways to express yourselves on behalf of the causes and issues you’re passionate about. Rice Love’s motto is simple: “Buy a bag, feed a family.” Their main product is a beautiful line of strapped bags made of recycled rice sacks that are perfect for carrying books around campus, a day trip, or a gift.

Girls’ education, explained

ONE has joined the fight to provide over 130 million girls with an education – what does that mean and how can you help? Keep reading to find out all the in’s and out’s of girls’ education: where the number 130 million comes from, why educated girls are the key to lifting communities out of poverty and what kind of progress has been made so far.