Brien’s Semester in South Africa

Brien Griffin, Campus leader from University of California, Santa Barbara, shares his South African study abroad experience during the 2016 fall semester.

A Reflection on My Education

Brody graduated a semester early, which has given him time to reflect on the impact that education has had on him. In the latest ONE Campus blog, Brody thinks back on his experience.

The Impact of a Lifelong Friendship of Service

IMPACT Conference is known as the biggest annual civic engagement conference for students in the country. And this is the story of how IMPACT Conference has influenced one activist’s life.

When Courtney met Hannah (and when Hannah met Courtney): a ONE Campus friendship story

One of the many positive outcomes of this mobilization is the community that ONE Campus members build to support one another in their activism efforts. Meet Hannah and Courtney who met this summer and have been inseparable since.

2017: This is ONE Campus

Here’s what we know: ONE Campus members and chapters will continue to campaign for a world free of extreme poverty and preventable and treatable disease.

ONE’s youth advocates around the globe in 2016

Did you know that ONE has student and youth ONE advocates making a difference all over the globe? Take a look at some of the great things student and youth ONE volunteers from all over the world achieved this year!

Top 16 ONE Campus moments of 2016

ONE Campus would like to commemorate all that ONE Campus members did this year, highlighting 2016’s top moments.

Celebrating ONE Campus Manager, Fady’s First Year with ONE

ONE Campus Manager, Fady reflects back on his first year with ONE. Read more here!

Being Grateful

ONE Campus would like to take this time to express appreciation and gratitude to our ONE Campus members for all that they do. Thank you for choosing ONE

On the ground in Haiti and fighting extreme poverty: Rob’s summer internship.

Summer internships are about new experiences and often challenging one’s self. Rob spent the summer in Haiti and received both and his internship confirmed his activism with ONE Campus.