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Celebrating Maddy’s first year with ONE Campus

ONE Campus Manager Maddy Vonhoff celebrates her first year with the ONE.

This is how you write your activist cover letter

ONE’s official recruiter offers some advice on writing a cover letter that incorporates your activist talents, and will help land you your dream job.

Campaign spotlight: Persistence pays off at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

During the first ONE Campus campaign of 2017, ONE members at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse chalked up a win and secured their university chancellor’s signature despite several setbacks. This is the story of how the ONE at UW-La Crosse made “Poverty is Sexist” a rallying cry on campus.

5 ways to hack your activist résumé

Whether you realize it or not, all the work you have done while being a part of ONE Campus – all of the advocacy, campaigning, lobbying, and educating – will look great on your résumé. Want to know how? Check out the latest ONE Campus blog.

Reflection: Magen’s story of women and water in Kenya

After graduating a semester early, Magen reflects on her time as a ONE Campus Leader and shares about her recent trip to Kenya with Mama Maji, an organization that seeks to connect women to water.

ONE at Iowa’s Samone says, “It’s never too late to get involved”

Unlike most of her peers and her fellow executive board members, she didn’t get involved with ONE or any club until her junior year! Her story goes to show that activism and leadership opportunities can come to you at any point, and it’s never too late to get involved.

ONE Campus Campaign Recap: Poverty is Sexist

The first Campaign of the spring semester came to a climactic end last week. Here’s a recap of what ONE campus members were up to! With photos!

Poverty is Sexist, Explained

So, what does it mean when ONE says that poverty is sexist?

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