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How To: Set Goals & Capture Data

An effective campaigner plans and measures everything. While setting goals and capturing data may not always seem like the most exciting part of your advocacy, doing so will make your ONE Campus chapter’s activities and actions far more effective and impactful.


Setting Smart Goals

You and your ONE Campus chapter should work together to set goals at the start of each campaign.  Then report your goals to the ONE Campus staff on the Report Actions page, so we can help keep you accountable! When setting goals for your ONE Campus chapter, make sure they are S.M.A.R.T.:


Measurable: quantity indicates progress; they can be attached back by a member

Achievable and Action Oriented: makes team feel accomplished; catalytic

Relevant: worthwhile; influence a campaign; matches the campaign needs

Timely: at a time that can influence decision makers; critical to campaign success


Here are just a few reasons why you and your ONE Campus chapter should set goals at the start of each semester and each campaign:

  • Setting goals allows your team to measure progress and growth of membership over time.
  • Goals provide focus towards important activities and away from distractions
  • When everyone knows what the goal is, members are more likely to pitch in
  • Putting them in writing makes them more real to you and the others on your team


Every advocacy action (e.g. tweets, letters, advocacy cards, calls, and meetings directed at an elected leader), as well as all new ONE sign-ups, events, tabling sessions, and ONE presentations should be reported on the ONE Campus Report Actions page within 48 hours of completion.

  1. Enter all of your data- name, contact info, action taken, name of the elected leader each action was directed at, or event attended- into a ONE Campus data spreadsheet.
  2. Go to Report Actions and select the appropriate action from the drop-down menu
  3. Complete the report form about the action you are reporting
  4. Upload your completed data spreadsheet to your action report
  5. Click “submit”


Enter all of your new ONE member sign up’s into the ONE Campus petition. Be sure to capture phone number and email.  That’s it! Keep a copy of all sign-up’s for your own listserv.

Download the full PDF for information on spreadsheets and building data into your plan!

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