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How To: Run a Meeting

A Meeting is an important opportunity for your ONE Campus chapter’s members to convene, plan, and take action. When done effectively, meetings have the power to ensure that your ONE Campus chapter is accomplishing its goals and keep members coming back.


Here are some helpful tips!

  • Consistency is key to getting people to come to meetings regularly.  Stick with one time, day of the week, and location for the semester
  • It’s difficult (and sometimes impossible) to find a time that works for everyone.  Pick the day and time that works of the most people and go with it.
  • Many ONE Campus chapter e-boards stay in touch in between meetings via group text apps like GroupMe, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.



  • As a ONE Campus Leader, it’s your job to facilitate/chair your ONE Campus chapter’s meetings.  This is not to be confused with leading the entire meeting.  Give executive board members an active members a chance to lead portions of the meeting
  • Work closely with your team’s secretary to take minutes and follow-up on action items that were listed during the meeting.  Store notes and pertinent docs in a Google Folder that is shared among all members
  • Assign roles.  Work with your e-board members to report, update, and lead different sections of the agenda
  • It’s up to you and your ONE Campus chapter to decide how often you meet.  Many ONE Campus chapters meet once per week.  Others meet every other week, with an executive board meeting on the alternate weeks.
  • Always have an invitation to your next meeting ready.  Whenever you have an event (tabling, presentation, etc.) invite those who take actions to join your next meeting
  • Keep meetings short and start on time.  Generally speaking, it’s best to keep meetings to an hour or less.
  • Always have an agenda

Download the full PDF for a Sample Meeting Agenda!

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