How to:

How To: Recruit Members

Recruiting a core group of members should be a priority both at the start of and throughout the semester. Your job as a ONE Campus Leader or Executive Board member is not to accomplish every task alone, but to organize a team of dedicated members who will work together.

Keep in mind that it is natural for membership to fluctuate at times. That’s why it’s important to focus on continuous recruitment throughout the year and to build a dedicated executive board. Remember that any ONE event, tabling session or classroom presentation is a chance to recruit new members in addition to generating advocacy actions.


Ways to sign up ONE Campus Members:

  • ONLINE SIGNUPS. Have a laptop or tablet during tabling so people can sign a petition online and become a member all in one place.  Remember to reach out to your Campus Manager who can get you the contact information of people who signed up online
  • SIGNUP SHEETS are a great way to capture people’s information even when Wi-Fi isn’t available.  Make sure you have plenty of sheets at your events


Download the full PDF for links to petition/member sign up and printable hard copy sign-up sheets!


Whether you’re tabling, hosting an event, conducting a presentation, or just having a conversation, keep the following in mind:

  • Be prepared
  • Make a Connection
  • Get a commitment
  • Follow up


    • Table
    • Reach
    • Classroom

Download the full PDF for more information on recruitment tips and strategies!

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