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How To: Give a Class Presentation

A short (2min-10min) presentation on ONE at the beginning or end of a class is an invaluable tool to help you advertise your ONE chapter, recruit new members, generate high volumes of critical advocacy actions, or promote an upcoming event. Contact your ONE Campus Manager for a sample Power Point to help structure your presentation.


Know your audience and message. Be sure to tailor your pitch in a way that will resonate with your audience.  Presenting to a Global Health class? Emphasize ONE”s work on preventable disease.  Talking to a group of students interested in politics? Discuss the opportunities that your ONE chapter provides to engage with Members of Congress and the political process.

Reach out to professors. Many instructors are willing to give you a few minutes at the start or end of class if you ask well in advance.

Identify the type of class presentation that best suits your goals. This will help you “pitch” your ONE chapter and ensure you use your time most effectively. Here are a few common examples:

Recruitment presentation: If you’re just getting started with your ONE chapter on campus or need to boost membership, a class presentation with a focus on recruitment is great strategy. Get in front of as many classes as you can, and keep your pitch to 2-3 minutes. Briefly describe ONE, the ONE Campus Challenge, the unique role of college students in the fight against extreme poverty. Pass around a sign-up sheet after your speech, and follow-up with new members with more information on how they can get involved, including time and location of your next meeting.

Advertising presentation: If you have an upcoming event already planned, use this presentation to boost attendance. This can take as little as 60 seconds before class begins if necessary. Briefly describe ONE, your event, and pass around event flyers in addition to a sign-up sheet. If the event is related to the course material, see if the professor will offer extra credit or participation points to students who attend your event.

Advocacy presentation: Class presentations on a particular ONE issue or campaign, followed by an advocacy ask, are great ways to generate high volumes of handwritten letters, phone calls, or other catalytic advocacy actions quickly. Introduce ONE, describe the issue campaign, and why it’s crucial that constituents take urgent action. Then make “the ask”. Try to keep the presentation under 10 minutes.

Download the full PDF for more tips on giving a class presentation!

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