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How To: Incorporate Faith Into Your ONE Campus Chapter

Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack thereof, partnering with the faith community on campus can be an effective way to make your team’s voice even stronger when raising awareness and reaching out to elected officials.



Give a presentation about ONE at a faith club’s meeting.

Co-host an event or initiative with a faith-based group on campus, while maintaining ONE’s identity as non-partisan and open to members of all beliefs.

Institute a Faith Outreach Coordinator position on your E-board.

The value of faith in ONE’s work

The faith community makes up an important and influential part of the movement to end extreme poverty. The obligation to help and advocate for the poor is ever-present in nearly every religious tradition in the world, and dominates many of the scriptures most familiar to Americans.

In addition, our elected leaders are often eager to hear what the faith community has to say about contemporary social issues. People of faith comprise a large constituency for many of our congressional leaders, and faith leaders often hold an influential voice in their communities. This gives people of faith an important place in the policy considerations of many Members of Congress.

The role of faith in ONE’s work

ONE’s 7 million members come from a diverse array of backgrounds and beliefs, but we all share a common goal and a driving force: the pursuit of justice. By incorporating and partnering with people of faith, we bring a strong voice to an already-powerful coalition.

While certain ONE resources or programs may be more geared towards people of faith (our faith blog is a great example), we want to make sure all of our members are well-integrated, working together as ONE unit to achieve our most important goals.

Not religious? No problem! Partnering with faith groups doesn’t mean you take on a faith identity as a whole chapter—it just allows you to be more effective advocates and a more inclusive chapter.


Download the PDF for more ideas and more information!

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