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How To: Retain and Sustain

As a ONE Campus Leader, you know that recruiting a strong team of volunteers is essential. Equally important? Retaining those members and making sure your ONE Campus chapter is built to last. Follow these tips to ensure your ONE Campus chapter – and everything you’ve invested in it – lives on.


Have a plan for the following academic year

  • Hold elections/ appoint leadership positions for the fall early in the spring semester.
  • Once positions have been filled, give newly appointed leaders the chance to shadow current executive board members to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Delegate responsibilities; remember a successful chapter is based on teamwork.  A film screening event is a great opportunity to give members the chance to step up.
  • Actively recruit underclass students to your chapter, and give underclass members leadership roles to keep them engaged.  Try electing a first year student to serve on your executive board!


Set clear goals and expectations

Work with your chapter’s leadership and membership to set clear and specific goals. Setting goals and expectations will ensure that everyone feels invested in the chapter’s success.

  • Be ambitious, yet realistic, remember SMART goals
  • Define measurable outcomes for each campaign; whether it’s handwritten letters, phone calls, events, or anything else
  • Set expectations and specific responsibilities for each person’s role

Delegate responsibility 

Your job as Campus Leader is not to do everything yourself.  Provide leadership opportunities for other members of your team to help shape the chapter’s decisions, goals, and events will increase the likelihood that they stick around and feel brought into your chapter and its success.

Appreciate your fellow advocates

Building relationships and showing appreciation for your members goes a long way in keeping moral high and keeping your chapter’s members coming back.  Make sure to thank you members and encourage them to take on leadership roles.


Strengthen your current executive board and active membership

  • Recruit new members throughout the year through student activities fairs, classroom presentations, tabling, and events.  Be sure to capture new members’ contact info!
  • Invest in identifying the unique skills of your current team, and find ways of your Catalytic Action Takers to use those skills to take on more responsibility, even if they’re not currently a part of the executive board.
  • Create a file, such as living Google Doc, where all necessary information about your chapter is housed and accessible to all e-board members.
  • REQUIRED: Always send the names and contact info of your executive board and reliable general members (we call them “Catalytic Action Takers”) to your ONE Campus Manager

Download the full PDF for more recommendations on how to sustain your chapter!

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