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How To: Call Congress

Calling your U.S. Representative or Senator is one of the quickest and most effective ways to influence his/her decisions on legislation to end extreme poverty. Congressional offices track every phone call they receive from constituents. The more calls they receive on a single issue, the louder the message they receive. It’s easier than you think, and typically takes no more than three minutes of your time.


During key times of the year, we need to increase our number of phone calls to our elected leaders regarding a specific issue or set of issues.  Here are some ideas for how to mobilize others to make a quick call to Congress:

  • Get in front of a group and call your member right in front of them.
  • Host a call party
  • Give something away in exchange for a phone call


1) Find your Senator or Representative and his/her phone number here and make the call. It’s best to call your Member’s Washington D.C. office rather than his/her local office—DC staff are your most direct line of communication when it comes to phone calls regarding federal legislation. Be aware of time zone difference; it’s best to call between 8am-5pm EST, when the office is open.

2) An intern or staff assistant in your Member’s office will be the one to answer the phone and speak you.  Say “hello” and let them know what school/city you’re calling from.

3) Tell them why you’re calling. You don’t need to be an expert on the issue–simply tell them what you’re asking the Member to do and why you care. See the sample call script below, and contact your ONE Campus Manager for the most current “ask” and talking points.

4) More often than not, the person on the other line will simply take your message and pass it on to the Member. Thank them for their time and that’s it—you’re done! Be sure to report your call on the ONE Campus webpage and upload a ONE Campus data spreadsheet with the contact information of each person who made a call.

Download the PDF for a sample call script and more information on how to mobilize others!


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