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How To: Address Tough Questions

Unsure about how to answer tough questions about the work that ONE does? This guide lists some of the most common questions that our volunteers get while campaigning and gives you sample answers that you can practice using.


Don’t fret if someone asks you a tough question that you’re unsure of the answer to. You’re a volunteer–not a policy or campaigning expert. You can always refer them to our website for more information or tell them to email us directly.

Understand that you’re not going to win everybody over. If someone is set on disagreeing with you, move on to the next person! Campaigning is all about knowing which battles are worth fighting and which aren’t.

Why should we be worried about problems in the developing world when we have so many challenges here at home? 
There is no question that families are struggling here at home—and that we must work to get our economy growing again. But at the same time, more than 1 billion people are living on less then $1.90 a day, a kind of extreme poverty that is unknown in the U.S., and millions more suffer and die from diseases that are all but extinct here and throughout the developed world. Thanks to American global leadership – and for less than 1% of the federal budget – the developing world has made huge progress in the fight against poverty, hunger and disease. This low-cost assistance also makes good economic sense and boosts our national security. By ensuring the prosperity of the developing world, we create future partners in emerging markets for U.S. commerce. As many American military leaders have said, foreign assistance prevents global instability and a more stable world is a safer world. We are all interconnected.

What does ONE do if it doesn’t work on the ground in Africa?
ONE raises public awareness and presses political leaders to support smart, effective policies and programs.  ONE works in close partnership with local leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists to support sustainable development and economic growth. We support efforts to demand greater democracy, accountability, and transparency because we believe good governance and an active civil society are essential to development.

Why don’t you focus on poverty in places outside of Africa?
Extreme poverty is most prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe that once doable solutions to these problems in Africa are found, it will be possible to implement these same solutions in other places around the world. While our specific focus is Africa, many of the programs we advocate for effect poor countries across the globe.

Is ONE partisan?
No, ONE works closely with both sides of the aisle. ONE’s leadership is comprised of prominent Republicans and Democrats. Over the years, the fight against global extreme poverty and disease has united Americans of all stripes – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, students, business leaders and the faith community.

Download the full PDF for more tough questions!

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