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Choose or elect an executive board for your ONE Campus chapter to create your leadership team. Check out HOW TO: Organize your ONE Campus chapter for a list of executive board positions/roles that ONE encourages you to fill. When reporting this action, PLEASE INCLUDE THE NAME, TITLE/ROLE, CLASS YEAR, PHONE NUMBER, AND EMAIL ADDRESS OF EACH EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER in the comment box of your report.

Arrange to give a short presentation on ONE’s work in an academic class, a worship service on campus, in front of another club on campus, or anywhere else you might have a captive audience of students. Use this as an opportunity to generate new members for your ONE chapter, advocacy actions, or both. During your presentation, you should educate students and faculty about ONE’s mission, the current campaign/challenge you are working on, show a quick video, and then get everyone to take an advocacy action. Lastly, pass around a sign-up sheet so you can recruit members for your ONE chapter. Be sure to take a picture at your presentation and submit it when you report or post it using the #ONECampus hashtag. Check out our HOW TO guide for more tips on giving a ONE presentation, and always contact your ONE Campus Manager if you want help preparing.

Work with your ONE Campus chapter and your school to organize a film screening of a documentary or a film related to ONE’s work. You should also reach out to various clubs and departments on campus to see if they can help you host or promote the event. Make sure you advertise plenty of time in advice, and you can use our How to Host an Event guide for more ideas. Ask attendees to take an advocacy action at the end of the film. Don’t forget to take pictures and use the #ONECampus hashtag when posting!

Set specific goals for the number of advocacy actions, new recruits, and/or event attendees you and your ONE Campus chapter aim to generate for the current campaign, and include those goals in the comment box on this report form. Your ONE Campus Manager will work with you to help you reach those goals.

Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds are great ways to gain publicity for your advocacy work on campus and spread the word about the fight against extreme poverty. Work with your ONE Campus Manager to get your LTE submitted to as many of your campus and local newspapers as possible.

Create your own action with a recruitment, awareness, and advocacy component. Be sure to check the ONE Campus Blog for some great ideas that other campuses have done.

Work with your ONE Campus Manager to feature your ONE chapter and get your activities covered in major city/regional/national media. Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, blogs, and even your campus papers and websites are acceptable.

Personalized, handwritten letters is of the most effective ways to influence elected officials. Be sure to check out our How-To guide on the Resources page for step-by-step instructions on writing to your Member of Congress. Make sure you upload a ONE Campus data spreadsheet with the contact info of each person who wrote a letter, or we will be unable to count your report.

Set up a ONE table at a student organization recruiting event, the student center, a coffee shop, or another high-traffic area on campus. Give your “elevator pitch” to passersby and ask them to join your ONE Campus chapter and take an advocacy action.

Check out our How-To guide and coordinate with your ONE Campus Manager for talking points and sample phone call scripts. Don’t forget that you can call your school’s two senators and your representative!

Sit-down meetings with your Member of Congress or their staff are an excellent way to make sure your voice is heard and show your support of the smart development programs that save lives. Follow the instructions in our How-To guide to set up and execute your meeting, and always reach out to your ONE Campus Manager first to receive specific talking points tailored to the Rep/Senator with whom you’ll be meeting.

After you collect letters or petitions signatures to your Members of Congress, coordinate with your ONE Campus Manager to organize an in-person drop-off to their in-district office.

Work with the office of your Member of Congress and ask them  to serve as a panelist/speaker at an event your ONE Campus chapter is hosting on campus. Be sure to contact your ONE Campus Manager for talking points and briefings for the Member of Congress to use at your event.

Have the President of your College or University talk with your Representative or Senators and lobby them to support ONE’s legislative agenda. Be sure to contact us first so we can help you fine tune your message. Each time your campus President lobbies your Member of Congress, you’ll earn a whopping 600 points.

Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds are great ways to gain publicity for your advocacy work on campus and spread the word about the fight against extreme poverty. Work with your ONE Campus Manager to get your LTE or Op-Ed published in your campus or local paper.

Send a tweet to your Member of Congress in support of the current campaign. Include the @ONECampus handle in your tweet, and be sure to use the #ONECampus hashtag.

Engage a Member of Congress or candidate in person at a town hall meeting, community event, on the campaign trail, a public appearance, or heck—even at the grocery store. Get in front of the elected official or candidate for a minute and tell him/her about ONE and ask him/her to support your current campaign ask (or thank him/her for having done so). Then, give him or her a ONE wristband if you’ve got one on you, and be sure to snap a photo with him or her. Be sure to follow up with your ONE Campus Manager about the engagement: where it happened and any sort of reply or feedback you received from the elected leader during your interaction with him/her.

Invite your Member of Congress to your campus for your event. You will earn 800 points for hosting your MOC.

You will earn 400 points for hosting your MOC’s staff member.