What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the promotion and support of an idea or cause. Grassroots advocacy has a distinctive approach to promoting an idea or cause:

It is primarily conducted within your community. Everyday people – not just legislators, experts or political professionals – help shape public policy through organized interventions in the political arena.

Advocacy is a vital tool used by ONE to influence international development policy. Every day, for any cause that matters to you, citizens can use advocacy to impact a wide range of government officials. ONE is primarily focused on influencing federal legislators and executive branch officials, such as US Senators and Representatives and the US President.

Why me?

Members of Congress want to hear from their constituents about what is most important to them. As a college student, you are a particularly powerful political force. Collectively, students and young people have defined social movements, decided elections, and changed the course of history. This means that members of Congress want to know what you think, and your voice can help shape what goes into a piece of legislation, or how your representative votes. In the fight against extreme poverty, you have the power to turn your voice into life-saving action.

How does my voice help?

The US government is a leading donor for international development programs that tackle HIV/AIDS, hunger and malnutrition, government transparency, and more. It’s critical for Congress to know that Americans approve of their support for these effective and lifesaving programs that are helping to lift nearly 2 billion people out of extreme poverty. Lobbying and advocating is a powerful way to ensure these programs remains a top US foreign policy priority.

I’m not a student – can I still sign up?

Yes! You can sign up as a supporter of your favorite university. We encourage parents, relatives, alumni, professors, staff, and more to get involved.

I reported an action but haven’t received points for it yet. 

Points can take up to two business days to be reflected. Advocacy actions must be reported using the “Report Points” tab in the Facebook application. If you still think there is an error, email [email protected]

My school already has a campus leader. Do I still need to fill out the “Become a Campus Leader” form? Can I still get involved?

Please email your campus leader directly to find out about opportunities on campus to get involved, go to meetings, and become a part of the executive board. You do not need to fill out the “Become a Leader” form.