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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a student – can I still sign up?
Yes! You can sign up as a supporter of your favorite University. We encourage parents, relatives, alumni, professors, staff, and more to get involved.

I forgot my password.
No worries – just click here to re-set it.

I reported an action but haven’t received points for it yet.
Points can take up to two business days to be reflected. Advocacy actions must be reported using the "Report Points" tab in the Facebook application. If you still think there is an error, email meredith.horowski@one.org.

The "Report Points" tab doesn’t appear on Facebook
Head to www.one.org/campus and sign-in using your Facebook account in the top right hand corner. Login as yourself (not as your University’s ONE Campus page)
Head back to your Campus Facebook Page, and look in the left hand column where it says "Wall, Events," etc.
Click on the "ONE Campus Challenge" tab.
Then, just click the “Report Points” tab and fill out the form. Once you submit, you’re done!

My school already has a campus leader. Do I still need to fill out the “Become a Campus Leader” form? Can I still get involved?
 Please email your campus leader directly to find out about opportunities on campus to get involved, go to meetings, and become a part of the executive board. You do not need to fill out the "Become a Leader" form.

The ONE Campus Challenge application isn’t installed on my Facebook page
This may be because you haven’t made us an admin of your account yet. Email meredith.horowski@one.org and we’ll get it straightened out.