Challenge 0

Mobile Action Team for BOOKS

April 20th - May 12th

We’re calling on you to help build ONE’s Mobile Action Team in order to strengthen our grassroots network and keep students engaged in anti-poverty advocacy over the summer and after they graduate. Your bonus challenge? Get as many people—with a focus on graduating seniors—as possible to sign up for the ONE Mobile Action Team. Anyone can join by texting "CAMPUS" to 877-877. We know, we know. This bonus challenge falls during a difficult time in the semester when many of you are pulling all-nighters studying for finals and stalking the registration website to get into filled-up classes at the last minute. While we can’t help you with those things, one thing we can help you with is how to pay for your books next semester—and it’s out of this sentiment that we decided to reward you for your hard work on the ONE Campus Bonus Challenge by helping you buy your books for next semester. Read on to get the details!