Challenge 1

Tell Everyone :The Global Goals

August 31st - October 4th

Raise awareness about the new, “Global Goals” to ensure that leaders make good promises and then deliver on their promises each year in order to make the ultimate goal of reaching a world free of extreme poverty a reality by 2030.

Challenge 2

The 1-2-3 Challenge: Electrify Africa

October 5th - November 15th

We're writing letters, making phone calls, and delivering petitions to help pass The Electrify Africa Act in Congress. Lack of electricity in Africa remains one of the biggest barriers to the region’s development and prosperity. It continues to trap millions of people in extreme poverty—and the people most affected by energy poverty are girls and women. Will you rise to the challenge?

Challenge 3

Something to be Thankful For

November 15th - December 13th

For this challenge, we’re asking you to educate your Member of Congress about the impact less than 1% of the US budget has had in saving millions of lives in the fight against AIDS and HIV. Join ONE and (RED) on World AIDS Day and win a product (RED) prize pack!