Join The Fight Against Extreme Poverty


Sign up. Speak out. Join the growing movement of campuses across the country taking action to fight extreme poverty.

Challenge 1

2015: Our Big Opportunity

January 30th - March 3rd

Throughout 2015, ONE is building a bigger and more impactful global movement of activists around the world to ensure that leaders make good promises and then deliver on their promises each year until the job is done in 2030.


ONE Campus + Imagine Dragons

For the OCC Season 8 grand prize we are partnering with Imagine Dragons to take the winning students (who will serve on the Student Advisory Board) for a VIP Imagine Dragons concert experience.

Hey Millennials - your Kickstarter page isn't going to end AIDS

As a recent college graduate (i.e. “Millennial”), I frequently think about specific issues I care about and look for ways to get involved...

'Is Ebola a country?'

Yesterday I was minding my own business, scrolling through my Facebook feed over my morning coffee, when I came across a post from a friend who was angry and frustrated that the entire continent of Africa hadn't shut down its airports due to the Ebola crisis.

Photoblog: adventures with ONE Campus

Basically I’m going to convince you, through pictures, to start a ONE chapter on your campus.