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Summer Toolkit

May 13th - August 23rd

Time for something new. Okay, so we know your ONE chapter probably goes into hibernation over the summer so you can work, intern, travel, or just hang out back in your hometown.


You + Chegg + U2 + ONE = a summer eXPERIENCE

Do your summer plans include seeing U2 live this summer? Read on to find out more about the eXPERIENCE!

We #CANNOT. It’s just see you later, Aileen!

The only way ONE Campus knows how to send someone off...with a blog! Thank you Aileen for everything! #tearseverywhere

Season 8 ONE Campus yearbook

Meet our ONE Campus Season 8 Grand Prize winners who will have a chance to meet Imagine Dragons this summer. We wouldn't be campus without superlatives so meet some of our awesome campus chapters!